Book Review: The Starless Sea

I finally have an answer when someone asks me what my all-time favorite book is.  I was wary of the fancy literary prose, but I fell head over heels as soon as I saw myself in Zachary: A nerd who read books and plays video games. Picking up this book at the end of the... Continue Reading →

Hurry up and wait (Emily Holyoak, 2020)

Tired of always waiting Searching smoke-filled skies Stinging my bloodshot eyes Longing for your help  Our daughters need you Their cries like glass shattering my fractured soul Hugs like pleasant torture Hurry up and wait the Air Force mantra camouflage hiding you now in the plainest sight A foggy hollow lies in my depression state... Continue Reading →

Into the unknooowwwnn

Life Update! The Youtube channel is fun, and I can't wait to record another video. However, after a summer in Utah with my mother, I'm back up in Montana in the back woods, where the only internet available is a hamster on a wheel. So if I do record a video while I'm here, it'll... Continue Reading →

I started a YouTube channel

  Words I never thought I'd utter. I've decided to document my journey of gaining an education, publication, and raising my autistic daughters. I feel like I'll do episodes of videos, like Q&A's about how I knew my daughters needed a diagnosis, how I broke through my cage to become the education-hungry person I am... Continue Reading →

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