A Cactus (Emily Holyoak, 2020)

I’m hazardous, but contain the juice of life 

The sun with it’s malignant stare, reflecting in your tedious sweat

I grant you a smidgeon of shade from the source of life and hell

Set your shoulders ‘neath the dunes and admire my rare blooming buds

Touch me not, for blood will spew 

And an injury is not needed in my desert. 

Night will fall, the thirst will call

Your throat as jagged as a dagger 

Make the cut, I’ll save your life 

But my juice is naught but tender. 

My greenery, the scenery, I’m the star in your lonely sky 

Like a comet soaring through your mouth

I’ll quench the earth so dear 

Take me with you, and remember me 

In your oasis dreams to hide. 

Beautiful blooming wild desert cactus flower

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