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This is about the eighth or ninth blog I’ve published in the past ten years. Some were personal, some were about my various interests that I wanted to share with the world: Decorating, Make-up, Gaming, and Journaling. None of them stuck for long.

My new site is the heart of all of my interests: Writing! Never had I noticed that all of my blogs weren’t focused on the thing that brought them all together, my greatest passion.

More or less, this is a professional site!


Emily was born in Cache Valley, Utah, the 5th of 7 children. Her rampant imagination and love of stories were often teased by her many siblings. She took as many English classes as she could in high school and at Utah State University.

Her high school aptitude test results showed that she should consider becoming an author. However, she went for an education in medical coding, since the job was so in demand. After seven years of being a coder, Emily realized that she hadn’t accomplished her dream: Being a published author.

A Fiction book popped into her head as she was driving back and forth to a two-week intense ICD-10 training course. She suffered from a rare genetic disease in her childhood that caused seizures, and that greatly influenced her passion for writing about her protagonist’s condition. Her youngest daughter now suffers the same disease.

Emily currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with her husband and two daughters. She is a dedicated advocate for Autism Awareness, Epilepsy, and a Girl Scout Troop Leader.

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