Good Morning, Dinah’s cover reveal and release date!

As a NaNoWriMo project of 2019, Good Morning, Dinah was a project of love and childhood frustration. Growing up, I never resonated with the protagonists of books I read. I wanted to read about someone who struggled to get through the school day, who masked in order to fit in, and was always second-guessing if they were annoying or friendly. This frustration grew as I had my own children, and I found that after thirty years, there’s still hardly any autism or neurodiverse representation in books. Thus, Dinah Finlayson and her service dog, Higgins, came to life.

My hope for everyone who reads Dinah’s story is that whether they are autistic or not, they can be aware and accept their autistic friends, colleagues, and even strangers on the internet.

Good Morning, Dinah comes out on December 15, 2022!


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