Is your child showing signs or symptoms of autism?

Are you overwhelmed figuring out where to begin?

You are not alone.

I’ve walked that lonely path myself, and the only reason I didn’t completely fall to pieces is because fellow special needs moms stepped up and held my hand throughout the process.

I’m happy to share my experiences and hold your hand while your little one goes through the diagnosis process, absolutely free of charge.

Signs of Autism

Extreme emotional responses to simple issues

  • Hand flapping
  • Head banging / Self harm
  • Aversion to food textures
  • Aversion to loud noises
  • Aversion to certain clothing textures
  • Constant need for stimulation
  • Toe walking
  • Missed milestones
  • Gifted in school subjects but lacking emotion socially

And many others.

Where to begin?

You’ve researched your child’s behavior on the internet and are confident they’re ready for an assessment.

The most important thing to remember is this: You are their parent. No other opinion is valid. Not your parents, friends, peers, etc. If something seems off, go with your gut.

Search for child psychologists in the area, autism clinics, or University Programs that diagnose.

How to prepare?

Keep an open mind. If you are an easy breezy, no set schedule, impulse fun-haver, prepare to become an organized person. Autistic people thrive on routines and schedules. I promise it’ll change your life.

Be prepared to fill out a mountain of paperwork. It can see overwhelming, but it is so worth it.

Join in person and online support groups for special needs parents. It’s so important to not go through it alone, it is too overwhelming to take on your own, and important for your own mental health as their caregiver.

We have a diagnosis, now what?

While that diagnosis on that piece of paper can feel so very heavy, it is actually a ticket to freedom. Doors will now be open for your child. They will get the educational support they need through IEPs, special needs medicaid, applications to waivers to help provide sensory equipment, and access to ABA and Occupational therapy.

Self Care.

You need you time. Find a hobby or activity you can use to escape once your autistic child is asleep. Raising and rearing your child and preparing them for the outside world where they may meet many roadblocks is rough, exhausting, and intimidating. Carve out 20 minutes for a bubble bath, a book, meditation, something other than Netflix.

Contact me

If you need a fellow autism mom friend, someone to text your frustrations, or just general questions, use the contact form in the top menu.

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