Fantastic new changes to the website!

First- I’ve added a Patreon! With hopes that I will get a few people interested in my podcast about writing, parenting my autistic children, following my dreams, etc.

Second- Youtube channel will be updated again soon! I know! AFTER A YEAR!

Third- I’ve taken some freelancing jobs in the midst of trying to get my books published. I’ll do my best to keep my online life thriving and exciting for everyone! In the meantime, check out my revamped BOOKSTAGRAM! Give it a follow 🙂

Finally- A life update. We are FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY BACK TOGETHER AS A FAMILY! We’ve moved to an Air Force Base in California and are patiently (well, as patiently as possible,) waiting for our furniture and belongings to be delivered. The girls are adjusting as expected, but they start ABA services this week and we all can’t wait!

Thanks for hanging in there with me after one of the most tumultuous years of my life!

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