Top books of the year so far


Some of these books didn’t come out in 2020, but are fairly recent releases. It’s my top 5 books I’ve personally read this year so far!


It’s difficult for me to put into words how much this book means to me. In so many pages, I was inside Glennon’s shoes, even though we’re completely different people with different experiences. Growing up Mormon, I felt very much like I was in a cage and had no idea where my wild was. There’s so much wisdom jam-packed into this memoir/self-help book, even to the point where Glennon throws her previous selves in her past published works under the bus— but sometimes that’s necessary. Sometimes we change in a big way for the better.


You might look at the cover and think, ugh. Typical Rom-com! Not so. These college flings find themselves vacationing in neighboring beach houses later in life, and they’re both authors trying to write a book by deadline. One writes the great American novel, the other writes women’s fiction. They make a bet and decide to try to write each others genres. As an author, I wholly enjoyed it, though I believe people of other professions will enjoy the witty, funny, sexy Beach Read.


Given the dark times of 2020, I included a very important book. A black nanny is caring for a white toddler when she has security called on her in the grocery store, accused of kidnapping. The confrontation is filmed and the nanny becomes a viral sensation overnight, sparking movements and paparazzi alike. There’s a deeper connection between the nanny and her employer as she brings her boyfriend over to dinner one night, causing her employer to take this whole viral video personally.


I laughed my head off through the entirety of this collection. Questions about death out of the mouth of babes, and truly, they’re important to know, no matter how bizarre! Caitlin Doughty makes the life of a coroner sound enjoyable rather than gruesome, and I loved her introverted soul to the point where she felt more comfortable around dead people than the living.


Still in the running for best book of the year, I can’t stop thinking about Oona out of order. On her 19th birthday, Oona wakes up in her body, but a different age on the outside than she is on the inside. She’s living her life out of order, and different aged Oonas are leaving her notes and clues to try and not screw up her life. Time travel without a ton of science fiction? Count me in. The characters are delightful, and I learned and grew with Oona on her journey.

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