Where- (Emily Holyoak, 2020)


There once was a happy girl, Chloe

who was wearing a yellow dress, flowy

She turned a wrong corner

and then to her horror

There was nothing but wind, it’s blowy


Where do the children go?


There once was a handsome boy, Drake

A nice man offered him cake

They left the playground

his mom looked around

and her heart did instantly break


Where do the children go?


There once was a girl named Mary

whose day to day schedule was scary

they’d take her away

the scumbags would pay

Her future they wanted to bury


Where do the children go?

800,000 kids disappear

to be trafficked, sold, or beaten

the media says nothing to us

it’s all about politics and stars

How do find the missing?

How do we go on?

Milk cartons, posters, even fundraisers

can only do so much.

Stand up and fight, recognize the signs,

give a shit.

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