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Book Review: Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett

Two things everyone should know about this book:
– It covers an important viewpoint that most people don’t even think about, a girl whose birth mother passed HIV to her.
– About 85% of the subject matter in this book is about sex.

I get that Simone is a teenager, and most hormones are raging in those years, but I wanted more substance. I would’ve appreciated more focus on what if she got a scrape, or what she does to take precaution on her period. The book focuses solely on sex because there is a boy she likes and her HIV positive diagnoses throws a wrench in their relationship.

I wanted to feel what it felt like for Simone to constantly worry about accidentally bumping into something sharp at school, especially since she’s student director of the musical. Building and tearing down sets bring hazards like nails and splinters of wood into play.

Other than that, I appreciated this book. A very different but important point of view is always refreshing. 3/5


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