My life is insane

Since my last update, I have:

-Been diagnosed with clinical depression, causing me to take less hours at work and more self care time

-Had my husband lose his job

-Had my husband offered another job in another city

-Put my house up for sale

-Put an offer on a house in the other city

-Had my husband confess he actually hates what he does, and wants to pursue his dream of being a professor with a PHD in business psych

-Packed up my house in two weeks and moved to Montana in my in laws basement

I’m happy to say my family is happy and healthy despite the stress of a last minute cross-country move. It was a crazy decision, but so far has been an amazing one. Now if we could just get our house in Wisconsin sold!!!

So here I am, at NanoWrimo 2019, FINALLY writing again.

RESIDUUM: Has undergone significant rewrites and edits, and is on it’s final draft. I’ll be querying again in December! I also have outlined the sequels, 2020 could have a sequel up it’s sleeve.

Atypical Hearts: Is my NanoWrimo 2019 project. We’ll see how that goes!




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