Medical Coder by day

When I’m not writing, what do I do for a living?

I’m a medical coder. When you go to the doctor, they dictate a report for your chart. My job is to extract diagnoses and chronic conditions from your chart, and turn them into codes. The codes are for several purposes:

  • To make it easier for insurance companies to interpret
  • To ensure everyone gets paid correctly
  • For national statistics

The nice part about it is, I get to work from home in my jammies! The bad part about it is…when I’m at a computer in my jammies, all I want to do is write!

How do you become a medical coder?  Two ways! Either take night classes from your local technical college, or online. I recommend the tech college as it’s less expensive.  After graduating the year long course, you take your certification test. After that, you’ll need an entry level job in medical records or coding for a year or two! All hospital charts are electronic, so many coding jobs are remote. Don’t try to get an at-home position until you have hospital experience, though!



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