My 50th rejection

At this point I would describe Residuum’s journey as discouraging. I feel like it’s perfect and ready to go, but no agent or publisher wants to take it on.

This particular rejection hurt. They had my manuscript for six long weeks! Hope was beginning to bubble, so I nudged the agent to ask what the turnaround time was. The next day, a rejection email was in my inbox.

I don’t know whether it’s because time travel is something that nobody is looking for right now, or the fact that I’m a debut author, or the way I word my query email that just doesn’t catch their eye. No more than ten agents wrote back to me stating that Residuum was “quite interesting, but not what I can offer representation for.”

I chalk it up to timing, the right agent, the right wording, etc. and a lot of luck!

I can’t keep hanging on to Residuum forever. I want to set it free and start on Faction. I’ve decided to self publish on Amazon and see where it goes! I am excited to finally have my work out there for people to read and critique, but also nervous.

Residuum will be available by the end of the year! I think I’ve found a good cover artist so I’ll keep this site updated!


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